Friday, January 30, 2009

We have earmolds!!!!!

And here they are. Little Guy isn't horribly impressed, but he's not pulling them out, either. I put the earmolds on a quarter just so you can get an idea of how tiny they really are. I'll have to get a shot of his next to the Beast's, which are easily three times as big. Just imagine that in comparison to an adult's earmold. Crazy!

Here's what they looked like before the tubing was trimmed. The tubing has to be cut to whatever length is needed for the aids to sit just right on his ear without flopping around. I may have to trim them just a little bit more because they're still a tiny bit loose. Luckily, I have experience doing that. :)

And, finally, here he is with his new hearing aids. As you can see by the fact that he's sleeping, he doesn't seem to impressed. He did come with me to ladies' night at church right after we got back into town. While he did throw up in my hair and then have an explosive poop all over my shirt, he didn't complain about his new ears. So, that's good...right?

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