Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Guy's Blessing Day

Little Guy was blessed on Sunday. It was a chaotic day for me, but I'm so glad I stuck to my guns and had it done. The night before, the Beast was up from 1am until about 5:30. The dog woke up, Number One woke up, Snort woke up. Everyone decided that Saturday night was a great night to become nocturnal. So, I was very tired and adequately grumpy.

The King had a meeting that morning, so it fell on my shoulders to get all five kids up, fed, bathed, dressed, and out the door in time for church. I did it!!! And it felt great!!!

I debated not having him wear his hearing aids for his blessing. But, in the end, my heart told me he needed them. It was a little hard to swallow my pride, and have him wear them, but I'm glad I did. Just look at how beautiful he is!!!

His blessing was beautiful. I couldn't have asked for more perfect words to be said. Anyway, here are the pictures.

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