Friday, April 30, 2010

Only the Happiest Updates to Share

I know it's been way too long since I've updated. Things have been nutty with selling our house, buying a new one, and all the craziness that comes with just living in our house. I promise things are bound to slow down soon, and I'll be better about posting more often.

I did want to be sure to stop by and leave some AMAZING NEWS on Liam. HE IS TOTALLY OFF OXYGEN!!! Don't adjust your screen or check to make sure no one dropped something in your drink. You read that correctly. Liam is free of his tether. And he is doing amazingly well!!!!! He does still have one more test to take at home to check his sleeping oxygen levels, but that's about it. We are so excited for him.

He's also learning to leave his hearing aids alone for longer and longer stretches of time. He has found his voice, and loves to use it. Hopefully he'll eventually get to a point where he can use his voice to actually form words. One can hope, right?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moderating Comments

Some of you may have noticed that I have a regular commenter on my blog who uses Chinese writing every time. I have set the blog up to require comment verification, and that hasn't filter this particular poster out. Clicking on his/her writing will lead you to a pornographic website. To prevent this from happening, I've had to set it up to moderate comments.

PLEASE continue to post your amazing comments. It helps me feel like I'm not talking to the wall when I write. I will approve them all as quickly as they come in. Well, not all. The porn site will no longer be a problem.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Exciting Accomplishment for Liam

I've mentioned several times about Liam's oral sensory issues and his difficulty learning to eat. It has been a very slow process with continual progress. He has gone from only taking formula to accepting yogurt to accepting most anything in his yogurt to pediasure. Progress, progress, progress. It's so great to see him making leaps and bounds in something so very important.

So what is the big exciting accomplishment? Banana. Yep. That's it, and it is truly an amazing thing for him. It's not just that he's eating mushed up bananas. Tonight, I took his spoon and just used it to break off pieces of banana.

He took the food off the spoon, moved it to the side of his mouth and CHEWED. HE CHEWED!!! And then, the biggest thing of all...HE SWALLOWED IT!! Go Liam! Since he did so well, I handed him 1/4 of the whole banana just to see what he'd do. He ate it!!! He self-fed, bit pieces off, chewed, swallowed, and went back for more. That kid ate the whole dang banana!!

He is also signing up a blue streak. He isn't quite to where CJ was at his age with signing, but he is catching up. I'm so excited for him and for the amazing steps he's taking in progressing toward becoming the amazing person he's destined to be. I couldn't ask for more.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Decision Was Easier Than We Thought

We are going to move to the area closest to Byron's work. After lots of research, we have discovered that the ward area we love so much doesn't have one single house in our price range that would meet our needs. That made it a pretty simple decision. I think we will benefit from amazing friendships in the other ward even if we don't live directly in their boundaries.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Hearing Loss Blog Has Brought Us Blessings...and Hard Choices

Decisions, Decisions

I may have made mention of the fact that we are being relocated. Things have really fallen into place and the Lord has made clear that it is absolutely His intention for us to go to this new place. While we hate to leave behind those that we dearly love here, we know there are blessings to be found there. Hopefully we will also be able to bring blessings to those we meet.

We have a big decision to make right now, though. Where should we live? The decision was going to be quite simple until last week when everything changed for us.

A few weeks ago (maybe even a couple of months), I got a message on my hearing loss blog about a boy who was working on his Eagle Scout project. He was creating a blog and a website for deaf and hard of hearing kids like himself to get to know each other and share stories. The poster asked me to put a link on my blog to his and then to write up a story for his website. No problem. I posted the link, and then went over to his site and told him he could use any stories or experiences from my blog he wanted.

Last week, he e-mailed me and said he’d noticed that I had “I am a Child of God” and “Teach Me to Walk in the Light” playing on my blog. He asked if I happened to be LDS. I told him that I was, and he then asked to friend me on facebook. I agreed.
About a day later, I got a PM from him saying that he’d noticed that I mentioned moving to the place we're going to. This shocked him because he lives there. His dad is the bishop of his ward. He was so excited about this. To be honest, I was stunned. My blog has been up for over a year now, and this was the first time I’d made contact with him. It just seemed like things were falling into place.

We exchanged questions and answers, and I learned that his ward has him and TWO OTHER FAMILIES WITH DEAF CHILDREN. There are 3 year old twins and a 9 year old girl who all have hearing loss in his ward. This is totally unusual for a hearing ward. Plus, all their youth know ASL because this young man has taught it to his peers. Built-in babysitters.

I spoke with the young man’s mom the other day, and she describes the ward as if it’s like the amazing one we’re already in. It’s small, but not minute. There are other parents who have already juggled the school district and told us which schools are great vs. which ones are not. Their ward is having a dinner and silent auction fund raiser for the youth on one of the nights we’ll be there looking for houses, and we were invited to join them that evening. We will be there.

Then, my bishop from when I was a youth contacted me to give me the names of some of the people he felt could help us find a good ward. He had lived in this place, and found some good people. That sister called me today and went on and on about how great this young man’s ward is and how happy we’d be there.

It’s very close to the oral Deaf schools, the children’s hospital, and really anything we’d need. The catch? It is about a 30-45 minute commute for Byron. We really didn’t want to consider an area with more than a 20 minute commute. It really feels like we’re being led to this particular ward in some ways. So, what would you do?