Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Guy Saw the Nutritionist! Now I Have a Challenge for YOU!

Snort's ECI nutritionist came over yesterday morning to see him and meet Little Guy. She'll be working with Little Guy as much as Snort anyway. I gave her my whole long story about why I just have to keep nursing despite what it means I have to give up to help his reflux. I'm grateful to say that she understood my feelings on this, respected them, and gave me some great tips. She worked wonders with Snort, so I really do trust her completely.

Anyway, we've now removed gluton, dairy, corn, and nuts from my diet. Here's the challenge for you guys: Help me find something to eat. So far, I'm enjoying cocoa krispies with rice milk, rice krispie treats, pretty much any meat I want, most veggies and fruits, and Andes Candies (a personal favorite-who'd have thought they'd be okay??). I need to keep my costs down and eat enough to keep my milk supply up.

In other news, Little Guy seems to be feeling so much better. One more thing I can check off my worry list for now. His breathing is great, he's not crying as much (so I think his ear is feeling better), and he seems coziest wrapped up in his special blankey and Mama's arms. Today just might be a good day.

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  1. Hi, my name is Inger. I am a 35yo mum and I live in Australia. I heard your close friend talk about you on Flylady radio the other day and I just wanted to pop in and say GOD BLESS YOU for being the amazing, inspirational Mum that you are!! hugs, Inger.