Monday, January 19, 2009

So, We Debuted the Hearing Aids

Little Guy came with us to church yesterday. He did great!!! And, he wore his hearing aids. Well, I should be more truthful than that. He wore his hearing aids for all of ten minutes. The makeshift molds he has don't stay in very well, he's not a big fan of how they feel, and his mama (that's me!) isn't really quite ready to answer all the questions yet.

As soon as I pulled him out of his carrier, a very-well-intentioned friend got really wide-eyed and went "What is in his ears??". I know she was just asking a question. I also know that these are all people who love my children like their own. I think just seeing other people alarmed at the sight of this tiny baby in hearing aids is confirmation of my own feelings; it looks a little wierd. Not something you see everyday.

Now, don't start freaking out thinking that I'm one of those vain parents who won't give her children what they need because it may not look cool. That's not the case at all. It's more a matter of the hearing aids being a constant visual reminder of Little Guy's hearing issues and all the work that is ahead of him and me.

On the same token, those hearing aids are about the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Those tiny little things riding on his ears are going to give him the gift of sound. They'll help him experience song, the sound of the voices of those who love him, and they'll give him a chance to find his own sweet little voice. They are truly a blessing to our family. Had the Beast or Little Guy been born 30 years ago, sign language would really have been their only option not to mention the fact that we'd never have known of their hearing loss until much later.

So, we're taking two steps forward and one step back, I guess. He's got what he needs. The resources are at our fingertips to help him with whatever should come up. As soon as those new aids come next week and his earmolds fit better, we will be ready to work together to get more used to wearing them on a regular basis.


  1. That was so nicely written, Aimee. It is such a huge gift to have such an early diagnosis and to have the hearing aids so promptly. I remember when my daughter first got her hearing aids at 5 weeks. It seemed wherever I went the hearing aids were noticed right away and I too didn't feel like giving the whole explanation. It's a big enough transition just having a newborn. Those first few months of trying to keep the molds in can be long. I realize you already know this quite well. I never quite have the words except the I will continue to pray that you will have the strength you need for each day for this sweet little guy.

  2. Thank you for documenting all of this. How neat to see how this all works. And what an awesome set of parents this little guys has! I am proud of you and find you remarkable!

  3. And your first song made me cry. I had to listen to it again.