Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Blog I Hope You'll Look At

I always try to follow the blogs of those who post on my blog entries. I like to learn what I can about my readers. Each one has something interesting inside them that most always teaches me something about me. As I followed the blog link to a recent poster, I found a link she had posted on her blog to another blog.

THIS BLOG was created by a young man named David who is bilaterally implanted and is working on his Eagle Scout Project. The site will ultimately be the project when he completes it. He is building a site where young D/HoH people can share stories and experiences. He is looking for other D/HoH people, parents, teachers, etc. to send him their stories so he can add it to your collection. I happen to know that the majority of my readers fit that description and have amazing things they can add. I hope you'll check it out, add a submission, and maybe create a link to your own blogs to help David out.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Proof That the Only Thing He Can't Do Is Hear

I've always made it my personal mission to point out that the only thing my Deaf children can't do is hear. I guess it's not highly likely that they'll be air traffic controllers either, but who's really counting?

CJ has always surpassed the expectations of those around him. Byron and I learned early on never to assume we knew what he was going to do next. Thing only thing we can absolutely expect from him in the unexpected. He has a long history of wild and crazy antics. From drowning the fish (literally! Who knew that was even possible?!?!?) to finding ways to practically cut off his finger with a butcher knife to making friends with every single person he ever meets to demonstrating a drive to beat the odds like no one we've ever met, CJ has ALWAYS proven us unprepared for anything he has up his sleeve.

A couple of summers ago, he taught himself to read. When Kindergarten started this year, he told his teacher what the difference is between an octagon and a hexagon. The list just goes on and on and on. This week was the tip of the iceburg. Our little CJ, who they told us would likely never speak (Ha! Couldn't have been more wrong there.) got a letter in the mail welcoming him to the gifted and talented program. Once again, he has proven that the ONLY thing he can't do is hear.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Favorite New Quote

My friend, Liza, has a little boy with similar medical needs to Liam. It's nice having someone else who "gets it" when I freak out over every little runny nose. I keep in close contact with her on facebook, and she posted this quote. I feel like it portrays our family to a T.

"It doesn't take a special family to raise a special needs child. It takes a special needs child to make a special family."
I say all the time that I didn't come equipped with the tools to raise these special kids. They have taught me as I go, and God has given me the tools as I've needed them. One day at a time.