Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mommy's Great. Givin' Me Chocolate Cake

We all know Liam has some oral sensory integration issues. He is just not a fan of anything that is not baby yogurt. Solids are an absolute no go. I baked a cake tonight, and knew he wouldn't be a big fan. That said, I also remembered that Jan (our SLP with ECI) mentioned that it's important that we let him "fully experience" his food.
I decided to give him a slice of the cake and set him free. Other than a messy floor and even messier baby, I didn't feel like I had a whole lot to lose.
When I put the first little bit in his mouth, he gasped and sputtered and gagged just a little bit. I decided to just back off and let him do what he wanted to do with his piece of cake. An hour later, he decided he was done. I didn't find any cake left in the area around him, but that doesn't mean he ate it. We have a dog who sits vigilently by whoever is in the high chair making sure no crumbs ever make it to the ground.
At any rate, the pictures tell the story. I don't know what we did for him to help overcome his oral aversions or to learn about what to do with his mouth. But I do know he's going to be a master finger painter. And he had fun. What more could I ask for?
p.s. If you look closely, you can see the frosting and blue sprinkle in his left ear. That's the sure sign of a happy cake-playing baby.


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  2. The boy knows how to enjoy his food, even if he doesn't want to eat it! Maybe a little bit of cake actually made it into his mouth... it certainly made it into his ear, lol!

  3. What a great post...I immediately started singing the Bill Cosby song from years ago. I'm thinking that it might be time to make a chocolate cake for Thomas! Thanks for sharing...

  4. Like Kat, I started singing Bill Cosby as soon as I saw the title to your post! haha! What great pictures - perfect for a wedding day!