Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Favorite New Quote

My friend, Liza, has a little boy with similar medical needs to Liam. It's nice having someone else who "gets it" when I freak out over every little runny nose. I keep in close contact with her on facebook, and she posted this quote. I feel like it portrays our family to a T.

"It doesn't take a special family to raise a special needs child. It takes a special needs child to make a special family."
I say all the time that I didn't come equipped with the tools to raise these special kids. They have taught me as I go, and God has given me the tools as I've needed them. One day at a time.


  1. Such a good quote!!!! I have to say that you do a fine job of taking care of your children and their individual needs!!!

  2. That is a great quote! We also take things one day at a time, and find that we are always given the resources and tools we need, when we need them.

    Aimee, have you ever dealt with central sleep apnea? Nolan is desatting so often during sleep (he had 60 apneic events- all central/neurological) that we are now in a new race to find out what is going on with his brain. I'm not sure if they'll place him on oxygen at night or not- we see the ENT on Monday and should know a little more by then. The whole "not-breathing at night" thing is a brand new wrinkle for us.

  3. Wonderful quote! I love it! When I was going through my father's illness and then two months later my son's deafness, my mom would always tell me, "all you can do is take it one day at a time honey, step by step" ... and it's been my motto for our journey.

  4. LOVE IT!!!! Awesome quote! I'm also glad you have a friend who you can relate to and who "gets it". Makes a world of difference.