Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Tubes and an Updated ABR

Getting an ABR hearing test on Little Guy is always a little bit challenging because he can't have the sedation medicine. His ears have been really infected and oozing quite a bit, though, so we knew it was time for new tubes. Since he was already going under general anesthesia, Dr. Peters opted to do the ABR at the same time. I think he was more than a little concerned with how Little Guy would do, but was well pleased in the end when Little Guy came through it with flying colors.

I'm pleased to report that the ABR reported no change in Little Guy's hearing. For some, that would be bad news because lots of people are hoping for improvement. Experience has taught me not to hope for better hearing on my boys, but instead to hope for a slow down in the progression of his hearing loss. This week, my hopes were met with good news. No change means we can keep doing just what we've been doing with him.

His ears still look pretty sore and oozy, but Dr. Peters said they were REALLY infected, so I'm not too surprised about that. I'm just proud of my Little Guy for going in and coming out with a smile. He's a real trooper!!!


  1. I hope his ear infection clears up soon! Tubes can do wonders (though you already know that). Stability is a good thing- we actually have had one upward fluctuation (Nolan's left ear used to hit normal in the high frequencies, then dropped to moderately severe, then went back UP to mild/moderate). You'd think we'd be thrilled, but it was actually quite stressful because we weren't sure what to believe! His right ear dropped to moderately severe and stayed there... go figure.

    Very smart of you guys to combine both procedures with one sedation!

  2. Awww Poor lil guy having sore ears. Glad they got both done at once. Made it so much easier on you both. Hope the infection goes away soon!

  3. It's amazing the great spirits they have considering how they feel and what they go through. Hope lil guy's ears clear up soon!!