Friday, January 29, 2010

Gotta' Love a Happy Update!

Liam has had quite a week. I'm pleased to say it's been a much better week than last week, too!! First, we visited Dr. Sanchez. Liam is officially off all inhaled medicine except for PRN. Yay, Liam!!

I also discussed the fact that it is a NIGHTMARE keeping the O2 on him. It's like the little stinker stays up late at night thinking of creative ways to take it off or something. The other day, I checked his sats and noticed that he was at 97% on room air. That's very good, so I gave him a break. I did this about hourly throughout the day. He spent EIGHT HOURS off his oxygen, and maintained his sats at 97% or better. Good job, Liam!! As I said, we discussed this with Dr. Sanchez and came up with a compromise. Liam can be without his oxygen on as long as we're home and I'm checking his sats very regularly. They have to be at 94% or better, and he can stay off the canula. The second it dips, or if he's sleeping, the canula needs to be on. I think that's a fair compromise.

We also had a very productive appointment with Ms. Linda. She had Liam practice tracking sounds, and he did pretty great despite being tired. The problem he has is leaving his aids in at all. We get maybe thirty seconds at a time if we're very lucky. Otherwise, we have to put things on his arms to keep him from being able to reach the aids and pull them out. We're trying to work on a plan for dealing with it, but so far, Liam is winning the battle.

While we were with Ms. Linda, I mentioned his eating issues so we worked on some of those. We now have a plan to help him learn to work through having food in his mouth. He is very clearly a hungry little monkey, so this will be a great turn of events.

And, the final piece of great news? Dr. K called last night. His testing shows that he no longer has any C-Diff in his system!!!


  1. Awesome!! Love reading about all the good news. I'm so glad you had a good needed one! : )

  2. Wonderful news, all the way around! Hopefully Liam will accept his aids soon (though Nolan didn't until he was 2 years, 2 months old- I marked it on the calendar)! It must be even harder with a severe loss, because hearing aids don't always give access to all the speech sounds at that level..

  3. Great news! I hope he starts tolerating the hearing aids better - that sounds very frustrating!