Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Year, Another Evaluation

Each year, ECI has to do an annual evaluation and create a new service plan for each child in their services. I can't believe how time has flown. Liam (that's Little Guy's name) had his annual evaluation on Friday. I insisted that we do it at a restaurant because, quite honestly, I never get to get out of the house. I think most of his team thought I was completely off my rocker wanting to do it there, but I was just delighted to get out and do something a little bit different.

Really, there haven't been many changes. Unlike CJ (aka The Beast), Liam isn't far behind in motor skills at all. In fact, he's doing quite well. With as many obstacles as he's had to overcome, I find that shocking and a blessing all in one. He has proven in so many ways that there are no mountains too high to climb with a little will power.

One thing we really have to work hard on in the coming months is providing Liam with some means of communication. He genuinely hates his hearing aids, and wearing them is a constant battle. He is interested in sign language, though, so we will be pushing that more as a family. I've made it part of CJ and Aiden's chores to spend 15 minutes daily doing the sign of the day/week with him in a game. This week's sign is "Please". Liam has been so enjoying the attention from his big brothers, and it seems to be paying off. If nothing else, he is mimicking the signs nicely.

Additionally, Dr. Peters is pushing for us to spend time making regular visits to Linda Daniel for auditory verbal therapy. Linda will require us to work hard, though I think I'm up to the challenge. The idea of driving the hour or more to see her each time is a little bit daunting, but certainly not anything that can't be overcome. Jan, our SLP, has said she'd like to come with us to AVT sessions now and then so she can continue to maintain what we're doing with Linda.

All in all, I certainly can't complain. As much craziness as we have going on around here, and considering that it's the "sick season" (really when is NOT sick season for us, though?), and that we're in the process of starting a relocation with Byron's company (another post for another day), I'd say all is well. I'm not surprised by that fact, though. In the grand scheme of things, all is most always well.

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  1. Aimee, that is so great about his motor skills especially giving all that he has been through! Hope he continues to take well to the signing. Thanks for all your posts- they're inspiring to me and help me to keep plodding along as well!