Saturday, January 2, 2010

He Officially Knows ME!!

We've been really concerned about Little Guy learning to communicate because we haven't signed with him as well as we did with the Beast, and he is not at all good about wearing his hearing aids. It has really weighed on my mind.

The past few weeks, I've worked to teach him to sign Mama. He was mimicking me, and doing well. I was so excited about just that much. But, the past couple of days he has been signing Mama right on cue and without prompting when he sees me. He is soooooo proud of himself when he does it, and immediately claps for himself. Sometimes he gets so giddy about it that he even lets out a big belly laugh.

I'm so excited about it!!! He knows ME!!!!


  1. Wonderful!! I love that he claps for himself- he knows he's learned something important! Congratulations- Mama is the most important word/sign on the planet :-)

  2. That's awesome! What a great sign to teach - congratulations on your success!