Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, It's Safe to Say Chocolate Is NOT One of His Oral Aversions



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We've been making steady progress with Liam's eating, and I'm pleased to report that he has an array of new foods he's willing to tolerate. Chocolate is not one of those foods. It's not that he won't tolerate it. It's just that tolerate may not be the word we're looking for here.

I'm thinking "falls madly in love with" is a more accurate description of how he feels about chocolate. The other night for Family Home Evening, we planted little seeds in cups to watch them grow (They've already sprouted, by the way!). For our snack that night, we made little dirt cakes. Each person got to dump their pudding in the cup, mush up an oreo, throw in a few gummy words, add some flower sprinkles, and enjoy their treat. As you can see here, chocolate pudding and Liam got along very well. I'm still cleaning it out of his ears.

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