Friday, March 11, 2011

If I Didn't Know Better, I'd Say Liam's Light Bulb Has Come On

Wow! What great progress Mr. Liam is making!!! He is finally really interested in signing words, and I find him imitating almost every sign I demonstrate for him.  On top of that, he's vocalizing some sounds as well.  We can't ask for better progress.

One example happened just last night. I'd put him to bed, but could still hear him sitting in his bed talking to himself as he played with his toys.  I peeked through his door and waved to him as if to tell him goodnight.  He looked straight at me, blew me a kiss (which is totally new!) and said "buh buh" for bye-bye. Suffice it to say I slept well tonight.

Wednesday, as I was walking him into school, he saw one of his friend's mom.  He looked right at her and said "Hi!" just as clear as day.  I've NEVER heard him say that one, and he used it in an appropriate context!!  Go Liam Go!!

Last Friday as he was working with his way-too-cute-for-words teacher, Ms. Terry, she showed him some toy fish. He watched her as she picked up each fish and put it near her face and made it pretend to swim.  After she was done playing with him, she turned around to get another activity ready, and he picked up the fish, put them by his face, and pretended to do just what he did.

All of these are steps in the right direction!!  I'm so excited to see him trying to be an active player in family activities and finally getting something out of being at school.  Yesterday, he helped bake cookies from scratch with us and seemed to actually understand what he was doing.  He was of course most interested in getting his ten (Okay, closer to fifteen because I snuck him a few extras when the other kids weren't looking) chocolate chips.

Even today, as he sat at the table for lunch, I showed him the sign for cheese.  He signed it after me perfectly, so I then gave him a reminder prompt for "please".  The little genius looked me straight in the eye and signed "cheese please".  It's always such a delight working with him and seeing the progress he makes each day. I love that his Deafness makes these little babysit that much more spectacular for us.  Liam, you are truly a gift!

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