Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Love Reporting Leaps and Bounds Progress!!

Liam's light bulb is officially turning on!!! His school had a two week spring break during which he went just a couple of times for just an hour of one-on-one at a time. This week he's back in school, and I can't tell you how pleased we are with him. In the past two weeks, Liam has learned:
*Too many new words to count
*How to put a peg puzzle together
*How to put wooden beads on a string using the Melissa and Doug shish kabob set
*How to SAY AND SIGN block.
*How to follow instructions and line blocks up to form a "train".
*To attempt to color inside the lines
*How to correctly hold a crayon
*To attempt to duplicate shapes on a paper on his own. It's still a scribble really, but he almost has the circle down.

He has a few other new tricks, too. These are slightly less desirable, but I guess we get the good with the bad. Less than stellar tricks he's learned are:
*How to open the dishwasher
*How to climb into the dishwasher
*How to pull every item out of the dishwasher and break my favorite plates
*How to say and sign uh oh when he breaks something
*How to take items that are of value to his siblings (Drezden's glasses right off his face!!) and run with them to make the person chase him while he laughs maniacally.
*How to dump entire drawers full of silverware all over the kitchen.
*How to flood the bathroom.

So there you have it. Leaps and bounds progress has really been made. Now if we could just rein him in a little and tame his wild side we'd have a perfect angel on our hands.

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  1. It always seems that kids' development comes in "explosions" rather than "stages!" Way to go, Liam! Sorry about the broken plates - he sounds like one of mine! :-)