Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CJ Met a "Celebrity"

About a year ago, I got an e-mail from a complete stranger asking me if her friend could use my blog as a link for a project he was doing for an Eagle Scout project. I tend to go with the flow, and certainly didn't mind him using it. Shortly after that, I got an e-mail from the scout himself asking me more questions about myself and my family. He figured out that, like him, our family is Mormon. He told me more about himself, too.

David is a Deaf teen who used his Eagle Scout project to create a place where Deaf teens and families could come together to share stories, make friends, and support one another. The name of his site is, and it has really taken off.

Over the course of time, CJ was lucky enough to be able to visit with David via Skype and really enjoyed talking the poor guy's ear off. David, being the patient guy that he is, always listens intently to all that CJ has to say. In CJ's mind, David is something of a celebrity. After all, he is in his computer. That automatically makes him a celebrity, right?

Another interesting thing that has happened over the year is that we ended up moving to about 45 minutes from where David is. Byron and I met him last April when we came looking for homes, but the children weren't with us. CJ was very disappointed to hear that we'd "hung out with the dude that has a cochlear implant and lives in the computer".

Sunday night, CJ finally got his wish to meet David. We had the pleasure of being invited to his Court of Honor, and took all five kids with us. CJ walked in and was a little confused trying to put David's face to where he'd met him before. Then, all of a sudden, his whole face lit up as he announced "Hey! That's David C! He's my friend in the computer!! Do you think he has missed me and is excited to meet me?". Yes, CJ. I do think David was pleased to meet you. More importantly, we're so grateful to have David as a mentor and example for our children.

Congratulations on a job well-done, David! You are truly an inspiration to us all!!

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