Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look Who's Standing!

Well, okay. So, maybe he isn't standing totally by himself. But he is finally pulling himself up to a standing position on things. That is a big accomplishment. We're really excited to see that he is slowly building up more lung stamina. He used to be just too tired to work more than ten minutes or so without a good long nap. He worked the full hour with Ms. Kristi. It could be due to the fact that she completely adores him and he knows it. The fact is that he's got her wrapped around his adorable little finger. Just look at her in those pictures totally in love with him!! Ms. Kristi is his Deaf ed. teacher (and the Beast's, too!). We love when Ms. Kristi comes because she brings some great new toy every time. This week, it was some stuffed animals that sing and light up. I think Little Guy is totally in love with them...and perhaps with her. I don't know how I'll ever break it to him that she's taken.

We're hoping he can keep up the great work. He was diagnosed with RSV today, so we're watching him very carefully. So far, so good. And that's the way I hope to keep it.

You may have also noticed from the pictures that he has big tubing coming down. That's the corrugated tubing we bought and string his oxygen tubing through. It works great at preventing him from strangling himself, preventing siblings from twisting it, cats from chewing it, and well...let's just say it's been truly a life saver.

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  1. That is just totally adorable and awesome!! I love the corrogated tubing, too! Great idea!