Friday, October 16, 2009

Hannah Andersson Pilot Cap Ordered

So, I decided to finally give in and order Little Guy the Hannah Andersson pilot cap. With the Beast, bandanas worked great to keep him from taking out his hearing aids. For Little Guy, not so much. He can get those babies out of his ears and into his mouth in the blink of an eye.

I'm not horribly excited about the pilot caps, but at least it's fall. He won't look like too much of a weenie wearing a hat in the fall and winter. I tried to choose the least weenie-ish colors, too.

The reason it had to be this particular kind of hat is because the material is thin enough that the sounds can still get to the microphone on his hearing aids. Anyone else have any other fabulous ideas on keeping those aids out of his mouth? It doesn't help to provide him with constant oxygen if he's just going to choke to death on a hearing aid anyway.

And, of course, pictures will come as soon as he gets his new caps!


  1. the pilot caps were our best friend for the first 10 months. Then after both of his CI activations we had to pull them out again or else i would find his implants in a random drawer.
    my only suggestion is in the car i would take the aids out unless he has an older sibling sitting next to him that can save the aids from slobber. some how my son would get under the cap, grab the aids and use them as a chew toy. it became too stressful to let him wear his aids in the car so i ended up taking them out, then putting them back on once we reached our destination.

  2. I did that with the Beast, too. He would either chew the aids to death, or get them in some tiny crevice of the van. Made me nuts.

    It is good to hear that someone else had good luck with the caps, though.

  3. We had great luck with the pilot caps, too. We always went with the bolder colors- Nolan was (unfortunately) at the worst aid-pulling age during the summer, so we did get a few funny looks at the park. Although one mom came up to me and asked where I got the hat, because she loved the way it kept the sun off Nolan's head!

    We still have no solution for the car. Usually we just take them out and put them back in when we get to our destination. He's getting better about it- hopefully by three he'll leave them in all the time!

  4. Great idea! I'm always trying to outsmart Sam.

    I should be used to the "looks" but honestly, they still bother me. They mean, "What is a huge seven year old doing in a stroller with a binky?"