Sunday, October 4, 2009

Greasy,. Grimy, Grody, Green Beans

Little Guy is hitting mile stones like it's going out of style lately. He's army crawling, "talking", reaching for everything in sight, and putting anything in his mouth he can get his hands on. Well, almost anything.

Green beans are not Little Guy's favorite. He happily eats all the fruit I can offer him. He slurps it off the spoon with vigor, and can't wait for more. I decided to go ahead and offer him some most delicious veggies in between bites of fruit. As you can see, it didn't go so well. Just from the look on his face, you can see that he's most definately made his opinion known. "Please, Mom, no more greasy grimy grody green beans."
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  1. Too funny! It is funny what kids decide to like/not like. Our Matthew will eat ANYTHING- except potatoes. Crazy kid! Congrats on all the milestones, Little Guy!

    Aimee, if you get a chance- what is the cool belt-loop TV volume increasing gadget? If you get one for The Beast, definitely blog about what it is- it sounds like it could be a life saver, lol!

  2. Have YOU ever TASTED those grean beans?!!!! --Henry's Wife