Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brotherly Love

I never cease to be amazed to witness the dynamics that go on between siblings in our home. The most fascinating, I think, is Number One. He has very little tolerance or patience for The Beast most of the time. When he has those moments where he is willing to work with the Beast, though, it's like they're shining moments. He can be so loving and creative with his younger siblings.
The relationship he has with Little Guy is one of pure love. He speaks calmly to Little Guy, pays attention to the little details (like whether or not he's blue...okay, maybe that's a bigger detail), and is just generally protective of him. They have an unspoken love for each other.
Like with The Beast, when Number One decides to show his love, it's a shining moment. As you can see from the look on Little Guy's face, the feeling is deeply mutual.

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