Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I See a Lot of First Dates in His Future

Liam is working hard on learning to eat. It's been a challenge, but he's making leaps and bounds. I finally decided it was time to take the next step with him, and see how he'd do with self-feeding. Jan (his SLP with ECI) says I need to get over my sensory issues with sticky messes and really let him get into. So, I did.

Here you can see the results of that. As you can see, he needs to be fed naked pretty much every time. He also holds his spoon upside down, or in the opposite hand that he's feeding himself with. Lastly, it seems he gets a big on his face. And arms. And tummy. And in his hair.

Yeah. I see him getting a lot of first dates. I'm not so sure about second dates, though.


  1. Way to go, Liam! And Mommy, too- I can only imagine the clean-up, lol.

    I'm pretty sure he'll be neater by the time he's dating- save those pics for his wedding day, though ;-)

  2. He has already made it past a first date ;) He is adorable!!!

  3. haha! Aimee I was thinking the same yesterday as I was trying to get Aiden to finger paint - which he wouldn't do. I barely liked doing it and wanted to wipe my fingers and that's when it hit me ... maybe I'M the one with sensory issues! LOL! I never liked to let them just go at it with their food either ... such a gooey mess ... but at least it's a cute one!