Sunday, May 9, 2010

At Least it Hasn't Slowed Him Down Much

Liam's hand has been a constant focus of our attention as we've worked to be sure it heals okay, and doesn't allow infection to get in. He has been to the doctor everyday since it happened, except for today. The doctor yesterday said we could go one more day before going back in again tomorrow.
Some of his blisters have started to burst, which really stresses me out a little bit. Still, the doctors say we're good to go for now. The great news is that he doesn't act like he's in even the slightest bit of pain. He's still crawling, laughing, bouncing, squeaking, burping, and everything else just like the Liam he's always been. It surely hasn't slowed him down much.


  1. Oh, that makes my heart hurt for him! Poor little guy- burns are such a nasty thing to heal. I pray that the burst blisters don't get infected and that he heals completely. It will be good to put this incident behind you!

  2. Poor little guy...Usually when our baby is hurt,we suffer more than they do.Will be praying for you and little Liam.