Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Steps

Liam is finally taking some baby steps! I mean that literally. He isn't really walking all the way yet, but he is taking a couple of steps here and there. I'll take that. He kind of looks like Frankenstein when he does it, except he doesn't have funny scars and screws coming out of his neck. He also doesn't have a flat head, but other than those few things, I'd say he's got a lot in common with Frankenstein.

His hand is also just about completely healed! I'll have to take and post some more pictures of it so you can see the progress. I'm so relieved that it's healed so nicely and with what appears to be the minimal amount of pain. No pain for Liam takes away a lot of the Mommy guilt for me.

He also seems to be really interested in learning some new signs. This past week my friend, Kelly, watched him for me while we moved. I went to pick him up and he looked like he was doing something from I Dream of Jeannie. You know how she crosses her arms one at a time and then blinks her eyes while bobbing her head forward? That's what he was doing. It was exactly the same. I asked Kelly what it was, and she said "Oh. We taught him to pray". He is still doing it, and I think it's so cute. While it's not a correct sign, it does serve as a reminder that he's really ready to communicate.

Liam is really enjoying this temporary little apartment we're staying in. It has a glass fireplace that he seems to think is the greatest play area ever. The only down side is the trail of soot that he leaves throughout the house when he's done. He also loves the mini blinds mini blinds that are all over the apartment. I have quickly learned that I can't walk around the house half dressed because I have to keep the blinds up high enough that he can't reach them. He is a real pro at bending them all out of shape.

So, there you have it. Liam's most recent baby steps. Pictures of the Frankenstein walk, the healing hand, and the Jeannie prayer coming up soon...


  1. Yay for baby steps! So glad to hear his little hand is healing well too.

  2. Congratulations on the new skill of walking!!!
    And on the new signs!
    So good to hear that the hand is healing so well! Amazing and wonderful!