Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Well, it has finally happened. I've had five kids and have never once had to go to an ER over major injuries. There were two times Aiden fell head first and we had to take him in to be sure he was okay, but both times turned out to be fine. Liam is bound and determined to be the child who turns my hair completely gray.

I was getting ready to take him to speech this morning, and he was crawling around. I never let him out of his crib until I'm ready for the day, but he had taken off his diaper and peed all over the bed. Anyway, I turned on my hair straightener and went to get a shirt from the closet.

Apparently, Drezden went into the bathroom and Liam followed him. Liam pulled the hot iron down off the counter and held it with his hand. HE SCREAMED!!! I got to him as fast as I could, but it felt like an eternity. He didn't know to put the hot iron down, so it was actually directly on his skin for a few seconds.

I ran his hand under hot water, but the blisters just kept coming. He has a burn in the perfect shape of my flat iron. I feel awful. My power, sweet, accident prone baby!

We got him to the ER as fast as we could, and the dr. said we got pretty lucky. Just second degree and no need for surgery right now. Lucky? Well, I guess so. He screamed for two hours straight, and then they gave him some motrin for the pain. That took enough edge off that he fell asleep.

He is all bandaged up and will see his pediatrician in the morning. The blisters have literally tripled in size and are freaking me out a little, but they're still intact. Everyone tells me it's all good as long as the blisters don't rupture. I hope they're right.

Anyway, there you go. One more piece of proof that Liam is trying to make sure I go gray a lot faster than anticipated.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I am so glad he's OK- we've had a few "close calls" with hot things, but luckily the kids have never managed to grab anything. You have earned every gray hair on your head!

    I hope his little hand heals quickly!

  2. Poor little guy! I hope the doc continues to say things are good and that he heals without incident!