Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do You or One of Your Children Have a Disability?

Little Guy went to get his hearing aids adjusted yesterday, and we had a great time visiting with Dr. Michele and Deana. (The King was home, so I got to go with just Little Guy and me. That NEVER happens.) Deana has a wonderful daughter named Ashton, who is 17 years old and hard of hearing.

Ashton is working on a community outreach project to help bring more knowledge of disabilities to the public. This is not limited to only hearing loss awareness, but to any and all disabilities. She asked that I fill out this survey, and pass it on to anyone I know who would qualify to fill it out. To qualify, you just need to have some special need of your own, or be the parent of someone who does.

So, will you help a girl out? Will you fill out Ashton's survey? She will be using it to create charts and presentations for a community event at which tables will be set up and information will be shared. She'll even be including activities for younger children to get a feel for what it feels like to live with various special needs.

Just copy and paste the survey into a microsoft word document, fill it out, and e-mail it to me at I'll pass it on to Ashton right away. You don't have to add your name if you don't want to.

Thanks for your help!!!

Defining Differences
This can be completed by a parent / guardian. If this is for a child that is very young, the parent / guardian can fill out the information from their prospective.

Individual’s prospective ______
Parent / Guardian’s prospective _____

In what way are you (or your child) different?

Is the difference because of a disability? If so, please indicate what your disability is? Do you feel this is a visible disability or invisible disability? Why?

How has that helped define the person you are?

What would you want others to know about you and / or your disability?

What are some challenges that you faced that you have overcome or found organizations / or others to help you overcome that you would like others to be aware of? This could be a link on the internet, organization, professional, program, civic organization, etc.

Please indicate the age of individual that has disability? (Optional)

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