Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, It's Good to Know I'm Not Completely Crazy

The Beast has always been kind of a handful. He is brilliant beyond brilliant, but in a weird way. So, comes across as a little eccentric. Part of that is the sensory integration issues he has which stem from his hearing loss. Some of it is just a high intellect combined with a delay in social skills. No matter how you slice and dice it, though, he's a delightful little boy. He loves life and just tries to soak it all in all the time.

Some people really "get" him. His teacher is one of those people. She sees him for what he is, and lovees him for it. She doesn't let him get away with much and she doesn't let him know when his efforts to drive her nuts are working. She's AMAZING with him. I appreciate all the hard work she puts in with him. I'm confident there are days she goes home and makes herself a very strong drink after having spent the whole morning and afternoon with him.

If she were the only one who associated with him all day long, life for everyone would be simple and good. But, she's not the only one. He also has to work with classroom aids who don't "get" him, a bus driver who thinks he talks too much, and the list goes on. So, some days aren't as good as others. And those are the days I want to beat my head into a brick wall.

I've already posted about the bus incident. What I didn't add is that he's been getting into a lot of trouble at school lately. A lot. I was getting lots of reports of "I know he hears me, but he's just trying to get attention" or "He's choosing not to do what he needs to do" or "His voice is really loud and disruptive". I try not to let it get to me, but it does. It breaks my heart sometimes that there are people who don't appreciate his vivaciousness. Luckily, his teacher also gives reports of "I don't know how well he's really hearing" or "He's talking so loud that I just have to wonder about his hearing", etc.

Anyway, I had made him a hearing appt. for today, but was just not sure it would give many answers to explain his recent behavior. The poor kid hadn't had one full week of good reports in a month, and I was pulling my hair out and finding myself in tears over it all. the. time. Today was the hearing test.

To my delight, we found that his right ear (the one with the cochlear implant) has lost about 30db. Why is this good? Because it means there was a reason for his behavior. I'm NOT crazy!!! My child is NOT some bad seed destined for prison before he gets to Kindergarten. There is a reason behind his behavior. (I mean, in addition to the fact that he's slightly off his rocker. *giggle*)

Anyway, his implant ear had deteriorated so much that his aided ear was better. He was starting to depend on his hearing aid instead of his processor. The aided ear isn't that great to begin with, so he was missing a whole lot of sound throughout his day. So, he got bored and started acting out.

I'm pleased to say that the processor has now been re-programmed, and he should be back to his old naturally whacky self in no time. I'm so relieved. And I'm glad to know I'm not totally nuts. I'm just a mom who really knows my kid.

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  1. Is it weird to say "that is wonderful"? Not great that he has been having problems, but wonderful that his challenges are easy to work with!