Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Guy's Forever Ear Infection

Little Guy has had an ear infection for more than a month straight now. Poor kid. He's been through two oral anti-biotics and a full round of shots. Still, his ears are yucky. He went and saw our ENT on Friday just to check on his ears. Still infected.

The plan for now is to just wait a few weeks and do nothing while we see if maybe they drain on their own. We'll see. I guess that's possible. The good thing is that he doesn't show any signs of pain from the infection, and he has no fever. He willingly wears his hearing aids, and the ENT says he can continue to do so. We'll take that for now.

He'll have his first Deaf Ed. appt. on Wednesday night. The teacher sounds nice enough, so we'll see how it goes. We're a little bit of a more difficult family to work with in some ways because we've already been through the program. We don't need to be told what a hearing aid is, how a cochlear implant works, what Deaf culture is like, etc. What we do need is to return to a feeling of "normal" in our home. It's been a while since theings have felt normal.

We also need to help reintroduce sign language to our home. The Beast is very oral, and only uses his sign when he needs to, so we've gotten a little rusty. I do look forward to the itinerant teacher bringing that back to us. We shall see how it all goes...


  1. Oh, goodness- I hope that ear infection clears up soon! We've had chronic fluid issues as well, but we were clear of fluid last week (here's to hoping it stays that way)!

    Starting early intervention services again must be interesting- in some ways you know more than the educators because you've "been there, done that!" We do sign with NOlan, but he's also becoming more and more oral. On the other hand, many of his words aren't intelligible so it is nice to have the sign for a back-up!

  2. Uggh, ear infections are the worst and it's just double anxiety and stress, IMO with the hearing aids. Hope it clears up quickly. Poor little guy! You've been on my mind lately- just wanted to let you know I think of you even though you wouldn't know it. Hope your appt. goes well on Wed. and that the educator is a good fit for your family.