Friday, March 30, 2012

IEP Complete

About a week ago, we had CJ's IEP meeting at his school.  Each year, things just get better and better. This year was probably one of his best IEP's yet.  

We cut his Deaf Ed./AVT services in half because he's mastered his new processor. Yay!!!  We discontinued his interpreter, who was only coming once or twice a week anyway to teach him sign. He's just so oral that he really doesn't need it.  His OT has been moved to just observation and consultation, so that's even less time he'll be out of the classroom.  Next year, he'll be pulled for speech three times a week and deaf ed. twice a week.  So, it comes down to basically once a day.  That leaves him in the classroom about 93% of the time. WAHOOOOO!!!

We discussed his behavior and all agreed that it's improved quite a bit.  There is little or no concern over his academic progress and only a little concern about his socialization skills. He's finally getting there.

After all these years and all this worry, it's so nice to start to truly see our efforts coming full circle for him.

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