Friday, March 30, 2012

Awesome Audiology Update on Liam!!!

I was sitting at Liam's school killing some time this morning as his audiologist passed through.  She stopped off to talk to me about his most recent sound booth testing.  He is tested almost monthly to see how he is adapting to his cochlear implant. We're now three months out, so we should be seeing some progress.

In the first month, he got 3-4 correct out of 12 on the easy part of the test, which was basically deciphering syllables.  He got about the same on the part of the test where he had to decipher 2-3 syllable words. He couldn't be tested on monosyllabic words that started with the same letter and ended with a different letter. (ex: book, bus, bat, ball).

In the second month, he got 7/12 on the easiest part, and the same with the second part. He got 3/12 on the monosyllabic portion of the test. Progress, but still slow.

This month, he got 12/12 on the first two sections and NINE OUT OF TWELVE on the monosyllabic part!!! GO LIAM!!  It seems he's figured out what the processor is doing for him and how to use it. It's as if his little light bulb has come on.

She also said it's clear that he's really leaning on his processor for his sound input and not so much on his hearing aid. Since he's to that point, we can now go forward with pursuing implantation of his left ear.  As soon as we're ready and the doctor feels ready, it will be done.  Way to go, Liam!!

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