Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Little Updates

I have become quite the lazy blogger, I suppose. I apologize about that.  The nice thing is that Facebook has rolled out its timeline, so I can go back and find the really great stuff that I've been meaning to share, but haven't had the chance.  I like to expound on things and think I'll come back to it, but then get sidetracked and never come back to really do so.  Instead, here are some highlights of fun things straight from my facebook page:

January 17th:
I don't want to freak anyone out or have people thinking the world is coming to an end, but Liam just put poop in the toilet instead of on the walls. IN THE TOILET, people!!! Could it be that we're nearing potty training and finally an end to the constant poocasso moments?!?!

February 2nd:
Rachel has her big hearing test today (the one we missed a month ago due to snow). Hopefully we get really good, clear results and are able to come up with a good plan as to whether to aid her or leave her as she is. Worst case scenario: I have to get used to her having adorable little pink aids with purple ear molds. There are worse things in life, right? (She still has a high frequency lost, but nothing too bad.)

February 5th:
I love that our Primary calls me every now and then to let me know what they're doing so that I can help them find ways to include Liam even with his limitations.

February 14th:
Liam got off the bus today and promptly sang about three verses of Wheel on the Bus AND WE UNDERSTOOD HIM!! He added the /p/ sound at the end of beep and carried the tune. This was about the best Valentine we could ever have asked for. For a kid who just a couple months ago could say about 4 understandable words, this is really big. Little miracles happen each day.

February 15th:
I just found a letter in CJ's bag that a piece of his artwork was chosen to represent his school in a county-wide showing in Saint Charles and will be on display for the next month. Holy cow! The kid didn't even mention it to us.

February 21st:
Fun Little Liam Update: He took me by the hand and walked to the refrigerator and said, "I want open". I opened it and he said "I want cheese". He was delighted that I understood and gave it to him. Then he said "Open please", which I gladly did for him. His speech is still mushy and a little hard to understand, but those are complete sentences, people! Complete sentences from the child who could barely put two sounds together to form a word six months ago. Never doubt miracles, my friends.

March 2nd:
I was on the phone with my friend, Taffi, bragging about how well behaved Liam has been all afternoon. He's been cute and helpful and stayed out of trouble. As I was mid-conversation, I realized I had no idea where Liam actually was. Turns out he was in my room breaking a brand new bottle of nail polish all over the floor while painting his face with 24 hour lipstick that won't come off until at least tomorrow morning. Figures.

So, you see, there's lots of things I could expound upon, but I think you've gotten the gist of it all. Things are going well.  Liam is making so much progress in school!  We are just beyond words thrilled with how well the little bugger is doing.  He impresses me every single day with how smart he really is. He's also very compliant with wearing his hearing aid and processor now. We still need to work on in the car, but that's really it.  

I got an e-mail from CJ's teacher today wanting to change his IEP so he's only pulled out half as often as he is now. He's doing so well that his whole team (including me!) agrees that he doesn't need it as much anymore.

I really am setting a goal to post more regularly.  Really.  Let's see what happens.

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