Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Guy and Snort have been struggling with their health lately. Around here, the allergens are bad and that always triggers Snort's asthma. Poor little Snort has been struggling with asthma, pneumonia, and allergies for the past week or two. Little Guy is a wheezy mess, too. That's never a good thing when you're doing all you can just to catch up with the "typical" kids. But, these guys are tough and amazing, and they're keeping up with the best of them.

Little Guy has really learned to jabber away. I imagine he's talking to the angels or trying to tell me what Heaven was like before he came here in a desperate effort not to forget what he experienced before he left the arms of a loving Heavenly Father to come to earth. Either way, he's smiling at something whenever he's awake. He gets his arms and legs flailing all over the place, and just coos and jabbers like it's going out of style. We couldn't be more proud of Little Guy. He's been nothing short of a gift straight from Heaven for us.

Snort is making progress, too. This past week, he's had a language explosion. He says Little Guy's name clear as day while he lovingly strokes Little Guy's head. I'll have to try to make a video of it because it's truly precious. As for his walking, well...I'm convinced that he'll be crawling to Kindergarten someday, but who's really counting? We're just calling ourselves blessed that he's improving in his health and language skills. One thing at a time, right?

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  1. Hello Aimee,

    I wanted to let you know that I am the proud parent of child with similar circumstances. My daughter, Jillian, received her gift of hearing through the technology of bilateral cochlear implants at the age of fourteen months. At 2 1/2, she began speaking jargon with her 2-year-old neighbor and her classmates. From that point on, Jillian's progress living in the world of sound has been nothing short of amazing. She began individual speech therapy immediately after the surgery, and reaped the benefits of reverse-mainstream educational activities at Pearson Elementary when she reached four years old. Jillian then entered the mainstream educational system side-by-side with her friends, neighbors, and the rest of the “normal" kids in Kindergarten. Now at the age of six, Jillian is already looking forward to first grade beginning next year. Her bilateral implants have allowed her such luxuries as sound localization, a decreased dependence on lip-reading as compared to her unilateral peers, and an ever-growing vocabulary with which to express herself. She has even expressed an interest in learning to play the piano and singing. This continues to be a gift too precious to explain in words. We continue to cherish every word, sentence, cry, and laugh she makes. This truly has been an everlasting blessing from God!

    Also, please check out Linda D's new blog site. I'd like to tie your blog into it too.