Sunday, May 10, 2009

Front Page News!

Little Guy is working hard to make himself famous. It's not like he has to work all that hard. Have you seen this kid? He's freaking adorable!

Last week, he got a real treat in the mail. We received the quarterly newsletter from Dr. Michele's office. I didn't think much of it until I opened it up. There, on the front page, was our Little Guy! He looked so beautiful on his blessing day wearing his first set of earmolds. I really can't imagine anything more amazing than to see a child who, through the miracle of technology, has been given a chance at finding his own voice and singing his own song. I'm thrilled that Dr. Michele was able to share him and his journey with others.

I was even more surprised to arrive at her office for another set of earmolds (that makes THREE sets now!) and discover that there was a full poster-sized photo of him on her wall. He's made history in her office. He's officially the youngest patient she's ever had. Way to make your mark on the world so early on, Little Guy!


  1. A celebrity! I remember the earmolds-almost-every-week days. I have to say, I'm glad those are behind us, lol!

  2. His molds must be super duper tiny! How great that he was able to get them so early on!