Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We've Finally Joined the Circus!

Well, we didn't really join the circus, but we got to enjoy it for one evening. Dr. Michele called and told us she was a sponsor for the Carson & Barnes Circus, and she offered us some tickets. Actually, she did better than that. She offered tickets to us, our babysitter, and our friends. It was awesome because we wouldn't have been able to haul five kids to the circus on our own without a little bit of help.

The night before the circus, she called to ask which show we were going to. I let her know which one, and she said "Oh, good because I've arranged for the Beast to ride the elephant in the arena". Wowza!!!! What a treat!!

So, off we went and we had such an amazing time. They let the Beast, Number One, Pretty, and me ride the elephant right after intermission, and the Beast was announced as a special guest of the show. He was very proud. Sadly, they don't allow pictures or video in the circus, so our shots aren't so hot. I'm disappointed because this was an amazingly fun time.

The Beast was particularly fond of Alex the Clown. He followed that guy around the whole time, and apparently made friends with him. He was crushed to learn that we couldn't bring Alex home with us, but I think he'll get over it with minimal therapy.
Number One was hungry. At least that's what he claimed the whole time. I did catch a glimpse of him grinning ear to ear with the contortionist and he was a bit starstruck by the daring young man on the flying trapeze.
Pretty was just excited to be there with her friends. She was impressed by all the lights and the loud music.
Snort wasn't sure what he thought of the whole thing. He was just glad to have a binky. (Thank goodness!!!) I think he also loved cuddling with Marlene.
Little Guy was a little overwhelmed with the loud music. Once I took his hearing aids out, he was a happy camper again. That, and he was particularly thrilled to be all cuddled up in a warm blankey where he could snuggle close to me.

No matter how many pictures we did or didn't get, we made some special memories. A special thanks to Dr. Michele and Deana at Allen Hearing Clinic for making our family feel so very loved.

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  1. I'm glad that ya'll had a fabulous time and sad that I had to miss it. I would have love to go with ya'll, but I did have fun in Utah. :)