Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tubes, Tubes, Tubes

Snort and Little Guy both saw Dr. Peters this past Friday about their chronic ear infections. Snort hasn't ever seen him before, but our pediatrician wanted him looked at because he's had the same ear infection since January, even with every antibiotic in the book. Dr. Peters took one look and asked, "Is this kid one who has chronic upper respiratory problems?" YES!! Yes, he is!!! Then he asked me, "Does he also always have a sinus infection?". Again, YES!!! He took a swab of Snort's nose to have it tested for a resistant bacteria that could be causing so many problems for him. After that, he informed me that Snort would need tubes in his ears. Whew! What a relief!! I love a proactive dr.

After peeking at Snort, it was time to look at Little Guy. Not surpisingly, he still had the same fluid in his ears that he's had all along. Dr. Peters has done a little research and is confident that the Beast and Little Guy have something called Gushing Stapes Syndrome based on what he knows of the Beast's case and family history. Knowing that, and accounting for the fluid in Little Guy's ear, he decided that Little Guy was actually at an increased risk for meningitis. Yikes! So, he will also be getting tubes.

So, all in all, it was a great day. Both boys are scheduled for tubes to be put in together on the same day and will also have repeat ABR tests. Snort passed his last year, but it's time for another one. Little Guy is due for one, too.

We also stopped on the way home and got Little Guy's new earmolds. I know. I need to post a picture. They're Easter colors and oh-so-CUTE! I also got Little Guy a new binky that says My Mom Rocks. It is, of course, absolutely correct.


  1. next time if he has an ear infection , i recommend you to check out the eardoc.
    it is a non invasive medical device and it treats the problem rather than the symptom,

  2. Thanks! I'll totally look into that.

  3. I also love proactive docs. Tubes really do help! Though of course, I'm sure you've been down that road before (g).

  4. I certainly wish we lived closer to the oral-deaf school. It's two hours each way by car, so I don't think it is really a viable option. We have some great mainstream preschools in the area, and if we're lucky enough to get an FM system that should help!