Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shearing For Hearing-It's Really Happening!!!

We are making leaps and bounds progress in getting Raelyn's cochlear implant.  Let me share some of the amazing things, we currently have:

1. A Sponsor!!!  A local orthodontist has generously agreed to sponsor us so we can have better odds of finding a venue...which we need FAST!
2. A dunking booth! This will be so much fun!
3. A printing company to make fliers.
4. A clown...and the clown has some other fun friends.
5. A face painter.
6. Some stylists. (Not enough yet. We still need MORE!)
7. An offer to have another Shearing for Hearing put together back in Dallas by some amazing friends of mine!!!! (Double the odds of success!!!!)
8. The surgeon involved has agreed to waive his fees so that only the hospital fees will need to be paid.
9. The support of the Olive Osmond Perpetual Hearing Fund.  This is HUGE because it helps us to be able to accept donations from people needing it to be a tax deduction.
9. Hope. We have lots and lots of hope.  This is what matters most.

Now we need to start getting the donations coming in.  As you may have noticed, there is now a "Donation" button in the upper right hand corner of my blog.  You can now click it to make donations to help us help Raelyn. Can't make a donation? We'd love it if you'd provide a link to our blog with Raelyn's story on your own blog or Facebook/Twitter page.  You can find her story right here.  Talk it up, folks! We need your help.

With everyone helping us in one way or another, we can make it so that Raelyn is implanted and activated just in time to truly Hear the Bells on Christmas Day!!!


  1. This is fantastic! Wow, what a great event - I wish I lived closer to attend or to volunteer my time! I have faith that she will be hearing all of the sounds on Christmas Day (I'll share this on FB since there may be some FB friends closer to your area)!

  2. You should contact Fox 2. They do the Pay it Forward segment. They might be able to do a story about it, set up a way for people to donate and donate money themselves. Also, if you ate going to do an auction, let me know. I have Mizzou football connections.

    1. Jessica,
      We are for sure doing a raffle. Any chance we could get those Mizzou tickets? Would you mind e-mailing me or Jeanette?