Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Climax Theater

One of my favorite things about CJ is his excitement and zest for life. One of my other favorite things about him is the funny way he hears things and is just sure he heard it precisely right. We had a funny over the weekend that I am still laughing about.

CJ's best buddy from TX and his wife came to see us over the weekend and we took the kids to the science center. There is an IMAX theater there, but CJ always hears it as climax for some reason. He was so excited to tell Jim all about it so Jim would want to go.  He explained it with great enthusiasm as he exclaimed, "We have to go to the climax theater! It's huge and it's on every side and it feels like it's all around you!!!".  Having the gutter brain that we have, the rest of us in the van could not stop laughing all weekend long.

He also had a follow up to his Canadian/Comedian comment from several months ago.  You may remember that he said he wanted to be a Canadian because he's funny and he likes to make people laugh.  I replied, "You mean a comedian?"
"Yeah, that's what I said. Canadian."

Anyway, he was reading a book of facts out loud and said to me, "All residents of the country of Canada are called Canadians." Thinking that he finally knew the difference, I nodded and told him that was correct. He shrugged and said, "Hun, they must all be funny there."  I give up.

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  1. Oh my goodness...this was hilarious, can't stop laughing right now. :)

    When CJ gets older he really should start writing his own blog with all his jokes he made in it.