Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally Moved and Ready to Blog Again

There are so many updates to post about, but I'm a little bit limited on time. I will be posting at least once a day for the next little while as I try to get caught up. Hopefully that will start a new habit, and I'll be more consistant like I used to be. While you wait on those fun updates, here are a few exciting points to note.

*Our new school district is on top of things that CJ already has been given his own FM system even though we haven't done his ARD.
*CJ was tested by the oral school for the Deaf, and our district is going to honor all of their recommendations. He'll be getting speech (finally!), itinerant services, sign language instruction, and more.
*Liam will be going two to three mornings a week to the oral school paid for by the state.
*CJ's sensory integration issues are finally going to be addressed.
*There are a few other Deaf children at church, and CJ has become friends with one of them.

I'll be back very soon to address all of those things little by little. There are so many happy updates to report that I don't want to miss a thing.

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