Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And, We're Back at Children's

Here are the latest updates on Little Guy. We are all in good spirits, and keeping fingers crossed that we can make this a brief stay.

Little Guy had an okay night. Sats remained okay, but he was working really hard to breathe by this morning. I was sort of glad that he did that because it showed the hospital staff what I was talking about. (Okay, so I'm just glad that it validated that I'm not crazy. Something really is wrong with him.) They did a deep suction thing on him by putting a tube down his nose and into his throat. He HATED it, but was breathing much better when it was done. He also is finally starting to cough up all this bright green stuff. (Hope you weren't eating when you read that.) And his lungs are super crackly. The dr. couldn't even hear his heart over all the crackles. That's the really good news because he was clear on Saturday. That means he's more than likely sick rather than it being a worsening of the quality of his lungs. In other words, this is probably not a permanent problem for him. YAY!!

His blood pressure readings are a little high. So, we're also working on understanding what that is all about. Lastly, we're watching for pulmonary hypertension. That is apparently a common side effect to kids with his kind of lung disease. Poor guy.

The original plan was to just be here last night and go home today. Now the goal is to be home at the end of the week. I think that's a great goal. I'd honestly rather stay here and find out what the deal is than be coming and going and never really knowing what is happening.

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