Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes Lung Disease Just Plain Sucks Rocks

Snort has asthma. He developed it because he had severe reflux with aspiration as a baby. His asthma has been really hard to control for the past week and a half or so, but we were dealing with it. Little Guy has also had his own fair share of problems. Over the past couple of days, his breathing has gotten more labored and he's developed a horrible cough much like Snort's.

Since Snort had an appt. with his pulmonologist today, I brought Little Guy with me. Snort still sounds yucky on the inside, but is at least no longer coughing until he vomits. That is a big accomplishment even though we know we still have a long way to go. And then there's Little Guy. He's wheezing, dropping sats a little, and just generally miserable. After a long deliberation, the determination is that he has developed some reactive airway issues which will likely be asthma on top of his NEHI. Poor little guy.

We spent about six hours with the pedi, Snort's pulmonologist, and a phone consultation with Little Guy's pulmonologist. In the end, we got to come home instead of going to the hospital, but we've got a suctioning machine, tons of breathing treatments, and three weeks' worth of antibiotics. *sigh* But, at least we're home. If he gets a fever, struggles any further with breathing, or anything else, they'll admit him for IV antibiotics. Poor Little Guy. I figure God must have big plans for him later to make him into such a strong guy now.

In other news, I have finally found a way to prevent him from getting tangled in his tubing! Hooray for that!!! I got 42 feet worth of that tubing stuff that comes with nebulizers that is kind of crinkley (if that makes an ounce of sense!). It only cost $1.87 and is working like a charm. He still gets wound up in it, but he's safe from being strangled.

Tomorrow, he'll go see Dr. Michele to get new impressions made for earmolds. He can't wear his hearing aids at the moment because they also found a yucky ear infection today.

On the upside, the Beast has come home with good reports every single day this week. Tomorrow he gets to bring birthday cupcakes to school. He's SO excited about it!


  1. Oh, asthma AND NEHI- my goodness! Hopefully he won't develop full-on asthma, but at least you have instructions for how to handle it. I'm not a fan of the "sick" time of year (i.e. when school starts)! Here's to the ear infection disappearing quickly.

    Congratulations to the Beast for doing so well in school! Birthday cupcakes rock.

  2. i didn't read this whole post, but i agree with the title!!!