Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hazards of Having a Sister

Luckily for Pretty, Little Guy is quite the easy going little person. Pretty has apparently given up on having any sisters and has instead resorting to using what resources she does have at her fingertips. Unfortunately for Little Guy, all the other boys are mobile. Since he's the one who can't go anywhere, Little Guy got to be the lucky one to wear Pretty's tiara. She was so proud of herself when she put it on him, too. It doesn't appear that he minded too much.

Actually, I think he rather liked the attention. Although he couldn't hear much of what we were saying, he could see us smiling and laughing with him. He began smiling and kicking his legs as fast as he could while making his favorite "wa wa wa wa" sounds. Those sounds have stuck with him, too. They're the sounds he seems to like making the most. I was very proud to see him performing for our auditory verbal therapist. Way to go, Little Guy! If wearing the tiara makes you talk like a king, then wear it to your heart's content!!
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  1. Poor pretty- she needs another girl in the house! Little guy doesn't seem to mind, though. And yay for those wa-wa-wa sounds. Perhaps that is his way of saying, "I am king of this house, and don't forget it!" LOL.