Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stuff My Deaf Kid Can Do

I've been thinking about this a lot over the past several months. Quite often, someone will see CJ or Liam do something and say, "Wow! I didn't know a Deaf kid could do that".  I love being able to demonstrate that my boys are just like everyone else, but I thought I'd go ahead and put together a couple of lists so people would know for sure what my kids can and can't do. The first list will be the CAN list and the second will be the CAN'T list.  The first list will probably be incomplete.  I'm pretty confident I've got the second list down.

Stuff My Deaf Kid CAN Do
Go to school with his peers
Tell a joke
Toilet Train
Play sports
Ride a bike
Feel emotions
Fall in Love
Reciprocate emotions and feelings of love
Be artistic
Enter the school science fair
Understand religion
Go to college
Go to Grad School
Hold a job
Become famous
Be a doctor
Be a garbage man
Be anything he wants
Get married
Have children
Tell stories
Have a favorite flavor ice cream
Have a favorite book
Have a favorite everything
Understand consequences
Talk back
Order food at a restaurant
Dream big
Make big dreams come to life
Get straight A's
Drive their teachers bonkers
Hold the hand of someone who is hurting
Watch movies
Dream of being in movies
Choose his own clothes
Be completely oblivious that his clothes are completely mismatched
Use the computer
Reprogram the computer
Download fart jokes from the computer
Have a best friend
Be a best friend
Read books about every fact under the sun and then feel the need to share those facts with everyone
Study insects in depth
Go to P.E. in cowboy boots
Make Valentine's for someone special
 Become and Eagle scout
Find a talent
Share a talent
Set a good example for others
Set a not so good example for others
Write a book
Have pets
Become President of the United States
Lobby against the President of the United States
Go to clown school
Join the local fife and drum corp. (CJ just joined and LOVES it)
Become a DJ
Have chores
Invent a rocket ship to take them to the moon
Build a tree house
Make a mud pie
Go hunting
Pretty much everything you and I can do
Stuff My Deaf Kid CAN'T Do

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