Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Ultimate Boy Scout

Two sometimes humorous things about having Deaf children are that they are are often loud and that they can be very literal.  Sometimes this leads to frustration and confusion in conversations, but now and then, it leads to a really good laugh.  Yesterday, it was a pretty good least on my end of the conversation.

I took the kids with me to look for a backpack with wheels for CJ's to take to school.  He always drags his backpacks, which then leads to big holes in the bottom and the need to purchase a new one.  One of the stores we looked into was Target.  Due to the fact that it's tax free weekend for shopping for school supplies, the school was crowded as expected.

We managed to survive the whole shopping trip and made it to the check out line with no scars or battle wounds, which was a pretty impressive feat in itself.  Just as we were leaving, CJ noticed an elderly woman which must have led to a rapid series of thought processes that, in turn, led him to loudly blurt out "Mom, when I become a boy scout, I can help old ladies like her cross the street!".  I probably should have been embarrassed and corrected him by suggesting that we not call people old in public and loudly, but the seriousness on his face just made me smile with a little giggle inside and say simply  "Yep. You sure can."  His response to that: "I'm going to be a GREAT boy scout, Mom!"  Actually, I think he's right. He will be an amazing boy scout.

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  1. Cute Story! You are so good about going with the flow and not getting frustrated! Here's a cute story on our end. When my oldest was really little, she was in the kitchen and came into the living room with her pants off. I said, "Go in the kitchen and get your pants". Off she went to the kitchen, returning with some PANS!. Subtle. Hilarious at the time.