Saturday, June 18, 2011

Walk 4 Hearing

For the past couple of months, I've been working to help raise funds for the Walk 4 Hearing to sponsor the Hearing Loss Association of America. Liam's school had its own team, but I didn't find out about it until after we'd already created our own family team. It didn't really matter how we did it as long as we were doing it as a family. I was so excited to work on raising funds, get matching shirts for us all, and enjoy some time as a family working toward a common goal. In the end, we raised $270 to benefit the cause and had an AMAZING time. The pictures tell the story much better than I ever could.

Liam didn't drink very much of his juice, but he was really good at dumping it.
CJ really wanted to become friends with this huge flock of Canadian geese, but they weren't as excited about it. This goose kept sticking his tongue out and hissing at CJ.
Liam's entire snowcone ended up on the grass.
Liam also decided to take the play-dough he got out of the container and put his lemonade in it.  Then he spilled it. Again. Anyone else seeing a trend here?
It took him a whole 20 minutes to destroy his pinwheel!
It was SO NICE to see all five kids being so good to each other.
After snow cones, free toys, and lots of food, they were all smiles.
I really did try to get  nice pictures of the kids, but CJ is too silly to let me do it.
Drezden insisted on walking instead of going in the wagon. He was lapped repeatedly by everyone...including blind people in wheel chairs.  
At the start of the walk, it all looked pretty easy.
Even our princess found things she enjoyed.
Rachel couldn't resist Jewel the Clown. She is pretty sure they're best friends now. Jewel the Clown came to find me later and tell me how delightful Rachel is.  Who knew??
Fun family photo!
Byron and the kids getting ready to walk 4 hearing!!!
Right before we left, we made sure we got a family picture taken.  I love this one!!!

Overall, it was an amazing and completely wonderful day. We helped raise money for a cause we believe in whole-heartedly, spent time as a family, made friends who also have hearing loss, and built lasting memories. Sometimes being a mom to children with hearing loss really  has its perks.


  1. Great pictures!! I think one of those should totally be your Christmas card picture!

  2. Hi, we met at the walk, I'm the mom with the crazy Hello Kitty girl, who goes to the other school. It is always weird to meet other bloggers, they are like secret celebrities!

    Glad you guys had fun :)

  3. I'm SO GLAD you posted! I was hoping you would so I could follow your screen name to your blog, too!