Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Silly CJ Sayings

It goes without saying that CJ is completely nuts. I'd go so far as to say I think the kid is just a little bit off his rocker. Then again, so was Einstein. I can't complain much if I can compare my kid to Einstein, right? He may be Deaf, but I have reason to believe it's entirely possible that he's also a genius...or something. At any rate, he's had some crazy things to say lately. Some of them stem from his Deafness and the fact that he mishears things. A lot of it, though...well, that comes from the fact that he's off his rocker.

He's been taking dance classes with Kassidi's mom since January. I was completely shocked that he even wanted to do it. In fact, I'd only originally signed up Rachel but he begged to try, so I let him. He's been working hard and has practiced and practiced and practiced. After I put him to bed at night I hear the frequent "thunk!" coming from the ceiling above me that is also the floor of his room. That's where he practices all his moves including flips and head stands. After each thunk, I hear something to the affect of "Good job, CJ. Remember to keep your shoulders back" or "Way to go CJ. Class, did you all see how great CJ just did?" Yes, he is completely alone in his room, but apparently there is a very important dance practice happening in his mind. In the mornings over breakfast, he proudly tells me how hard he's been practicing (in case I didn't know already) and reminds me that his "recycle" is coming up soon. I try to convince him that it's actually called a recital and he happily nods his head and says "Yep. That's what I just said."

CJ has also taken quite a bit of interest in the piano keyboard Byron got for his birthday. He's just itching to learn to play it and any instrument he can get his hands on. I have a friend at church who has agreed to take him on as a student and teach him, which I happen to know he will LOVE. His school principal is also in a rock band that played at a school event Friday night. CJ was in awe of her and her band and was thrilled when it was over and the band members let him touch the instruments. He chattered away with them explaining that he is going to be a "musikan" when he grows up. We tried to correct him on the word and told him it's actually called a musician. His reply? You guessed it. "Yep. That's what I just said." Silly kid.

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