Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Perfect Gift

CJ and Liam share a Deaf Ed. teacher, Ms. Sarah. She sees CJ in school and then sees Liam at home. CJ also has an interpretor that works with him twice a week to teach him sign language which he LOVES. She has even helped form a "class club" to help CJ teach his peers to sign with him. It has done wonders for him, and he's so delighted with it.

Yesterday, Sarah came to see Liam but had a form with her for CJ. She handed it to me and said "CJ's interpretor is sponsoring CJ to go to this camp. It's a fantasy baseball camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids." I was stunned! I looked over the paper and realized it meant he'd be learning a sport, getting to play with a variety of famous ball players, and spending a full week surrounded by kids just like him. He even gets a full uniform to wear each day!

I filled out the paperwork and went ahead and signed him up for the extended days that will allow him to stay and swim or learn to play hockey. With the help of the interpretor sponsoring him, we could afford the extra time.

CJ is beside himself with excitement. The camp is, of course, a few months away and he is already counting the days and planning what to wear and what he is going to do and who he thinks he'll meet. Rumor has it his interpretor will be there and his now famous friend, David. For CJ, it truly is the perfect gift!

For all the struggles we've had, the blessings have been easily ten times as prevalent. Every single time I start to feel like we're missing out on something or some completely unfortunate situation arises, God reminds me that He is there, that He knows who I am, and that He is caring for and loving my children through it all.

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