Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Adventures in Liam Land

The great thing about raising kids is that each day is a new adventure. Lately it seems that most of my adventures have to do with poop. Poop under his fingernails, poop ground into my carpets, poop in his hair, poop smeared on the bottom of the bathtub, and occasionally even some poop in a diaper or two.

Luckily there has been more to our adventures than just poop. We got a snow day this past week, and all the kids got to try out sleds for the first time in their cute little lives. Other than the part where Liam fell face down into the snow and was too bundled up to be able to stand again, I think he really enjoyed it. He squealed with delight each time we'd go down the hill together.

Liam is also doing better and better (though not completely better) about wearing his hearing aids, too. I'm not sure what benefit he's getting from them right now, but I do know he's doing better. That alone is something to be excited about.

In other news, we finally have a date for him to get his tonsils and adenoids out and new tubes put into his ears. February 8th he's scheduled to get it all done, and then we can move on to monitoring his hearing so we can decide when and if we're going to get him a cochlear implant. It feels like time has sort of stood still for him the last few months, and at the same time it seems to have just flown by. It's crazy how life does that sometimes.

So there you have it. Poop, snow, and tubes are about all the adventures we've been having around here. It's not much to some, but it's life in general for us.

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