Sunday, September 5, 2010

Liam's IFSP

Liam had his IFSP this past week. He had one right before we moved from TX, but a new one needed to be done since we've moved to a new state. We were prepared for that before we moved, so it didn't bother me to make the time to do. We also had an IFSP for Drezden, but there isn't a whole lot to say on that one. I will say that setting up services for two children on the same day really does make for a marathon meeting.

It's hard for me to acknowledge that I like this state better than TX because my heart will always belong to our team back there. The services offered here are more vast and more easily accessible in my opinion. That said, the bonds we had with our workers in TX can never be replaced, and there is something to be said about having close bonds with the people serving your children.

As far as what Liam will be receiving, I am very pleased with what is being offered. He'll be getting the following services:
OT 1 x week ( Therapist to be determined)
Nutrition 2 x month
Special Instruction - 1 x month home with Betsy and 1 x month 30 min at the center
Preschool class 2 days per week
Speech Therapy every other week ( therapist to be determined)

The OT will be for his eating issues and to help him overcome his sensory issues, particularly with foods.
His nutritionist will be coming to make sure he's getting the right kinds of foods and nutrients he needs since he still doesn't do so hot with solids.
The special instruction will be given with an educator of the Deaf from the Moog school location in our area. This was actually an area of contention because the Deaf school wanted us to come to them once a week for the instruction, but first steps wanted everything done at home. They compromised for now, but I think it won't last long. I'm pretty sure the school is going to win, and I'll have to go to them once a week. It makes my schedule really sketchy, but is better for Liam. I have some mixed feelings in that area.
The preschool class twice a week is also at the Deaf school. I'm concerned that it's not enough, so the plan is to revisit his needs in a couple of months after they've had time to teach him how to get the most out of his class. I'm hoping we move to three days sooner than later.
Audiology will include all hearing testing, repairing his aids, earmolds, maintanance, etc. This is a HUGE help to us financially. Knowing we don't need to worry about his audiology makes it okay for us to take a huge sigh of relief in other areas.
I'm not fully understanding what the speech therapy will be for. He gets speech at the Deaf school, so I'm hoping the two go hand in hand. I do know he'll be getting his sign language skills from the speech teacher.

So, there you go. Nothing fancy, and no deep thoughts today. It's all just pretty black and white. We'll see how things go. I am pretty sure we'll be making changes as we go along, but overall I'm pleased with the efforts being made in Liam's behalf.


  1. This move was a good thing for all of you, and the services provided to Liam are just wonderful! The audiology services are definitely a plus- those hearing aid repairs/earmolds can get pricey. Is Liam a CI candidate (I can't remember)?

  2. Hope all the services work out for you. Sounds like again you are getting a lot of good services. How great that audiology is covered. Here in Mass, all evals are covered by insurance, but not the molds. Good for you! That saves a ton!

  3. He might be a CI candidate, but we're still waiting to see what happens. We need to get him wearing his aids really well first, so we can see how much benefit he's getting. Right now, we're lucky to keep the aids on him for more than 5 minutes at a time.

  4. Dear Aimee,
    Godspeed in keeping up with all of those services! It will all pay off in the end, just make sure to take a little time for yourself!

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    interesting and will share it with other families.

    Best wishes
    Dr Efrat Schorr

  5. How wonderful he is getting preschool services before age 3! That's wonderful! Hope you all are settling in and becoming adjusted to your new area.