Saturday, June 26, 2010


CJ finally had his ARD last week. I'd been asking for it for a while, but there was a glitch in the system, and the school thought it'd already been done.

There isn't really much to be said about it (which is a good thing really!), but I had yet another embarrassing moment that (as usual) needed to be blogged. I thought I was really smart because I had a friend watch my four oldest kids for the ARD. I kept Liam with me. As usual, Liam felt the need to completely disassemble the meeting room. There was literally nothing he didn't touch, so I assumed he was the reason I couldn't find my phone when the meeting was done.

I had heard my text message alert go off once during the meeting, but ignored it to focus on the discussion. I KNEW because of that moment that the phone was in the meeting room. It wasn't in the diaper bag and I had no pockets. Everyone was flipping things over, looking under and inside of everything they could find. The phone was nowhere to be found.

Finally, I asked our Deaf Ed. teacher to just dial my phone so we could find it when it rang. Still, everyone kept looking while we waited for it to ring. Finally, after about 30 seconds (and just when MR. TRAW THE PRINCIPLE was standing right next to me), my bra began ringing. Nice.

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  1. Hahahahaha! Classic! Thanks for the reminder to keep my cell phone in my purse for all future school meetings. Also, thanks for the chuckle today- that is hilarious!