Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Practically Perfect Pulmonology Appointment Today

Liam saw the amazing Dr. Rivera-Sanchez today for his scheduled appointment. You have to understand that we LOVE this doctor for him, and really respect her opinion. I give her a hard time, I think, because I am comfortable taking care of him at home when she would sometimes prefer me to let him be admitted for a night to be sure he's doing okay. As much trouble as I give her, I do love what she does for Liam and Drezden. I love that she listens and really seems interested our needs as a family. As much as we love her, we wouldn't mind it if our sweet boys got to a point where they got to see her for things like Christmas get-togethers or in passing at the grocery store.

Today, we got one step closer to that wish. She was SO IMPRESSED with Liam's progress. His retractions are minimal. His room air sats are normal!!! His cough is almost non-existent. His stamina has increased. By all counts, he appears to be a typical 14 month old baby. We still have a few small things we need to work on, but it's all managable. We are so delighted with his progress as is she. (Now we just need to get her happy with Drezden's progress..and we WILL make that happen).

Byron was asking me last week why it is that we have so many of these challenges in our lives. I think it's because the Lord is blessing us with the opportunity to show Him we can and will endure to the end making our best effort and with high hopes and hopefully minimal complaining. Now, we are being blessed with miracles for our efforts. Liam is pretty ahead of the game for NEHI children. Most of them are around 2 years old before they start considering weening from the oxygen. Did I mention that he's 14 months old and only occasionally uses daytime oxygen?

Yeah. It was a practically perfect pulmonology appointment today.


  1. That is great that things are getting better for Liam.
    You have stong faith. :) I know that sometimes I wonder why I have challanges but I know that the lord gives us challanges to help us grow in ways that might not be possible other wise. If I was not deaf I might not be doing what I love doing most and that is shareing my story and helping others. I wish the best for your family and may God Bless.
    -David C.

  2. That is absolutely wonderful! Way to go, Liam! That was definitely a practically perfect appointment.