Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas to ME!!

Little Guy is really bad about wearing his hearing aids. In fact, I don't think they've even graced his adorable little ears in nearly two weeks because he has slobbered them to death, and they are back in the shop. Having to wear the canula in his nose has really taken a much higher priority than the hearing aids, and just the canula is a constant battle.

Because we just assumed Little Guy would be like the Beast, we haven't been very good about signing with him like we should. (I know. I can just hear the tomatoes flying at me now.) It's not that we didn't want him to sign. It's just that we got a little too confident in our skills as parents to Deaf children, and got lazy. We neglected the first rule of parenting:" No two kids are alike. No two outcomes will be the same."

We've both been feeling lately that it's time really rev up the sign language skills with him. He will be one the day after Christmas (*sniff*. I'm so not ready for him to grow up yet). By one, we feel like it's time to give him some form of communication. Even if he can't tell us what he wants, he deserves to be able to know what we are saying to him. So, we've started teaching him.

Why do I share all of this? Well, because our efforts are finally being rewarded. I know he really didn't know what he was signing and that he is really just mimicking what he was watching me do. Still, it's so rewarding the first time MY BABY SIGNED MAMA!!!

Thank you, Little Guy!! That was a great Christmas gift.


  1. Awesome!! Hey, and you got a treat - most kids say "dada" first, so you are special to get "mama" first!! :) Most of mine even said "dog" before "mama"! Yea, Little Guy, keep up the good work!

  2. How wonderfully, totally awesome! Way to go, little guy! Nolan's first sign was "more." Now all he wants to sign is "candy," lol!

  3. Candy is a popular sign here, too. It was the Beast's first sign. He still uses it often.

  4. Good job little guy!! He's so adorable, love those cheeks!

    Kemper is just starting to sign "milk" once in a while, so exciting! we need to work on the momma!